Preparing Your Companies for Importing Into BookingCenter
Posted by Jeff Tweddale on 11 Apr 2012 12:57 PM

The BookingCenter MyPMS software allows you to import your Companies (or Gift Certificates) from previous management systems or from databases . We provide a sample database file (comma delimited or CSV) for download to prepare this file for import into BookingCenter.

In order to use the sample file, it's assumed you have a data tool (such as Excel) to ‘massage’ your Company data into the companies_import.csv file referenced here (at the bottom of this ticket) so that BookingCenter can import your Company records.

Our advice is the following:

--> Open the .cvs sample file referenced above in Excel.

--> Fill in each row with the right data, using the 'header row' descriptions provided on the file referenced above

--> Save this file and return it to your Setup and Training Rep. If you get stuck, they can assist you.

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