Preparing Your Rates for Importing Into BookingCenter
Posted by Jeff Tweddale on 11 Apr 2012 12:54 PM

Preparing Your Rates for Importing Into BookingCenter

The BookingCenter Desktop and MyPMS software allows you to import default rates from previous management systems or from databases . We provide a sample database file (comma delimited or CSV) for download to prepare this file for import into BookingCenter.

**Note - you will still need to use the Manage Rates features inside of BookingCenter to set actual rate changes for date ranges (such as Christmas rates) but this process can greatly facilitate the amount of time it takes to enter rates into BookingCenter.

In order to use the sample file, it's assumed you have a data tool (such as Excel) to ‘massage’ your Owners data into the rates_import.csv file referenced here (at the bottom of this ticket) so that BookingCenter can import your Default Rate records.

Our advise is the following:

--> Open the .cvs sample file attached here in Excel.

--> Fill in each row with the right data, using the 'header row' descriptions provided on the file attached here.

--> Save this file and return it to your Setup and Training Rep. If you get stuck, they can assist you.

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