Mixing Secure and Unsecure Content Error Responses
Posted by Jeff Tweddale on 10 Apr 2012 04:40 PM

Mixing Secure and Unsecure Content Error Responses

We have some customers who use the Marketing Services Organization (MSO) features of BookingCenter and use an HTTPS: URL in their 'tracking code' (see: for description of using these tracking services). However, they use HTTP: in their 'Booking Engine' link on their website This results in a mix of secure (for example, the Google tracking code) and unsecured (as the first 3 pages of the Booking Engine are) and some browsers, notably Google's Chrome, give a security warning that potentially scares your customers.

There is no serious threat to this, but it's bad practice.

How to resolve it? Simply make the code used for the Booking Engine link from your website as 'https'. This way, each page of the Booking Engine code will be using HTTPS and so will the tracking code, leaving the entire page in an HTTPS session and no more errors.

For example, if your link to your Booking Engine is now: make sure it is re-written as: Simply add the 's' and all is now secure!
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