How do I back up BookingCenter on a Local Area Network?
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How do I back up BookingCenter on a Local Area Network?

Please view: to read a brief overview of the Backup process online.

The Backup procedure is explained in detail above as well as in the Reference Manual in Section 2, 'Configuring the Backup'.

For single PC
Make sure you have 'set' a folder on your computer for the backup to occur. Simply click the 'Set Folder' to set the place where the 'Backup Manager' computer will store the backup file. This is set from the Parameters | Backup Configuration screen.

Backing up multi-computer networks

Sometimes, in a multi-computer network, you will arrive in the am and a 'padlock' will appear on one of our BookingCenter computers. When this occurs, one of the client computers has lost connectivity to the Server (as a result of a network error). In the case of it happening late at night, though, it likely is caused by the auto-backup procedure quitting the server and backing up the data file. When this occurs, the other client computer 'looses' the connection to the data file and receives the padlock. Simply force/quitting BookingCenter will restart BookingCenter on that computer.

How to avoid this?.
The best way to set the Backup Manager to 'Auto Backup' and 'Auto Quit' all BookingCenter computers except the Backup Manager. This method also assures BokingCenter backs up automatically each night.

Another recommendation: quit BookingCenter when leaving for the night and use the backup procedure on the BookingCenter server computer (Parameters | Backup Config) to backup the data file to an external device each night. If you choose on any desktop PC that is NOT THE BACKUP MANAGER computer the "Auto Quit" setting to ON and the 'Use Automatic Backup', the other computers will quit 1/2 hour before the Backup Manager attempts to backup. This will happen automatically unless another computer is in the middle of a task.

Another recommendation: quit BookingCenter from both computers when leaving for the night and use a backup program to backup the BookingCenter data file (property_name.df1, or some such name)

If you need individual help, please consider the appropriate Support plan and we will help you put together a Backup solution.

Note that we can not support backing up for Mac OS X networks. If you use a single OS X Macintosh, then our automated backup options work fine. However, if you have a Mac OS X Server and a Mac OS X client, the automated backup tools do not work. To backup Mac OS X networks, please use a third party solution such as a .Mac account or Retrospect.
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