Setting Default Countries and Sorting Country Order
Posted by Jeff Tweddale on 28 Feb 2012 05:20 PM

Setting Default Countries and Sorting Country Order

When a New Booking window opens, MyPMS chooses a default Country and then orders the countries according to the following. If MyPMS has loaded postal/zip codes for your country, we can also auto - select state/privence and city when a postal/zip code is entered. Here is how ordering works:

1) alphabetical, leaving all sort values as the default 99 will mean countries sort in alphabetical order.

2) according to the Sort Order chosen in the Setup Area | Parameters | Countries ( Here one can turn countries on/off and sort which ones come

Here are some considerations:
• A 0 will become the 'default' country on all country lists and then 1 will come next, followed by 2, etc...

• When the same sort value is chosen (for example United Kingdom and Bahamas both have sort=5), the alphabetical list will order.
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