General Ledger coding for financial tracking
Posted by Jeff Tweddale on 21 Jan 2012 12:03 AM

General Ledger coding for financial tracking

Often times we get asked to facilitate importing of data into G/L and financial tracking systems. When you name an Inventory Group and/or an Inventory Item (for example room rent is usually Group: ROOM and Item: Room Rent) you may wish to use the G/L to 'map' to your financial system.

The method of exporting financial data is nearly always via the Financial Report. When the Transaction Report is saved as an .xls or .cvs, the description code is what will be referenced for your G/L integration - whether you do that manually via data entry or via an import routine.

In the example above for Group: ROOM, it may be prudent to use Group: 1234 (your internal G/L code for this category) to make the subtotal mapping easy of all Items within the Group ROOM post to the G/L category: 1234.

This is just a suggestion, as these codes can be changed as needed to reflect changes in G/L codes.
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