Bookings: What is the Fastest Way to Make a Walk-in Booking
Posted by Jeff Tweddale on 08 Nov 2011 02:23 PM

If the booking exists already, bring it up (from the 'Arrivals' menu is best) and click 'Check In'.

If the booking does not exist already, and you are doing a walk-in, the answer is dependent upon your use of the system:

If you use the Booking by Inquiry method, then the date defaults to 'today' so the screen is 'ready'. You should choose 'walk in' from the Source drop - down (or whatever is most appropriate) and the book the best rate you wish to offer. Enter in the Guest details, choose the best Room from the Room drop-down, the 'guarantee' method, select the Guest Type, and click the 'Save and Check in' button. Done in under 1 minute.

If you prefer to use the Tape Chart, select the Room and dates and after entering data, click 'Save and Check in' button at bottom.'

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