How can I run a Guest Marketing campaign with MyPMS?
Posted by Jeff Tweddale on 19 Oct 2011 09:51 PM

Marketing to your guest database is a smart and easy way to increase bookings business.  Your Guest and Booking database can be sorted by a variety of parameters, including source, guest type, arrival, departure date, state, city, room type booked, and more.

MyPMS allows you to open the 'Search results' as a .CSV file (comma separated file) that can be imported into any email or marketing campaign tool.

There are two ways to generate a Guest list.

  1. To create a marketing list based on sort parameters such as, arrival date, use the Search Bookings function under the BOOKINGS TAB in the Front Desk. See Search Bookings in the online manual.  This will teach you how to make custom queries to get the 'subset' of Guests desired.
  2. To see and export a list of all of your Guests,  go to SETUP | RELATIONSHIPS | GUESTS. See,  Export All Guests to a File. and Guests in our online manual.

MyPMS also has a an 'auto Letters' feature where personalized commuication can be set to go our automatically.  See Auto Letters Setup to learn more about doing this.

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