Managing Rates and Availability to your Website Booking Engine
Posted by Jason Mispagel on 06 Oct 2011 10:53 AM

Here's how to manage allocations for the Agent BC (The rooms and rates that your guests 'see' when booking from your website):

Go to the Agents Allocation area in the Relationships Tab > Agent Relationships screen.

Choose the “Rooms Allocated” link (ie. 5 of 5) for Agent BC . Place the room types and rates you wish your Guests to be able to book by clicking ' Add Allocation' and allocate one RoomType at a time. If you wish to have multiple rate choices when booking a room, then click 'Add Allocation' for a Type and use a new rate, as many times as desired. For example, if you were going to allocate a 'NSK (non smoking king) at a Rack, AAA, and COR rate, then the Agent BC would end up with 3 entries for NSK : one for the RACK, one for the AAA, and one for a COR rate. Thus you are allowing your guest to choose from these 3 rates when booking the NSK rooms.

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