What If the Internet Goes Down? How Can I access MyPMS and/or My Data?
Posted by Jeff Tweddale on 06 Oct 2011 07:21 AM

What If the Internet Goes Down? How Can I access MyPMS and/or My Data?

Because MyPMS is an internet application, it requires that you have internet access via some device to access the system. Here are the normal 'fall back' provisions for those rare times the internet goes down *:

1) The most common technique is that users have an iPhone, iPad, Android, or any smartphone as a backup to run and manage MyPMS. While a smartphone usually has a small screen, it is adequate to 100% run MyPMS for the time it takes for your internet to be re-stored. And smartphones can even print to most modern printers, so printing registration cards, folios, etc or swiping credit cards can be done via a smartphone till your computers are re-stored to the internet. We have clients who have abandoned computers altogether and run their hotels on iPads, so using the G3, G4, or LTE networks provided by mobile phone carriers is a serious option.

2) Because BookingCenter offers BOTH Desktop and the web-based MyPMS, we offer a 'hybrid' solution for customers who have intermittent internet problems.  We call it our 'Desktop Backup for MyPMS" and for a fee of $30/month we keep the Desktop system (on a Mac or Windows, running at the property) in sync with MyPMS within 1 hour. For customers who have been using the Desktop system, their Desktop is already configured and staff knows how to use it in the event of a down time.

For customers who do not already have a Desktop license, for $500 we customize a Desktop PMS for so they have an on-site system (installed on a Mac or Windows, running at the property) that can be used for checkins, checkouts, registration, confirmations, cancellations, and to process payments while their internet is down. The 'Desktop Backup for MyPMS" solution allows for the Best of Both Worlds - a hosted solutions for day-to-day needs and a Desktop backup system for emergencies. Only BookingCenter offers such a solution, and one that runs equally well under any Macintosh or Windows PC. See more details on installing the 'Desktop Backup for MyPMS" solution at:


3) If there are no other resorts, we have had customers simply call into our support line (this assumes that one can get a phone call connected) and we can 'manage' your property (assign rooms, check in and out, auth or settle credit cards, etc) until your internet is restored.

*note, if your internet goes down often, then we advise against the MyPMS and instead suggest the Desktop PMS till your internet infrastructure improves - which is happening at a quick pace globally. Once your internet improves, we can easily migrate you to MyPMS from the Desktop PMS.


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