How do I best prepare for training?
Posted by Jesse Chieppa on 09 Jan 2008 12:41 PM

How do I best prepare for training?

BookingCenter has outlined steps to take prior to training, the most important being that you have downloaded the BookingCenter program and installed it on your computer so that you are ready for a productive training.

It is highly recommended that you have taken time to acquaint yourself with the Demo that is downloaded with the program and especially that you have read and gone through the 'QuickStart Tutorial' (found in the / BookingCenter/ folder on your computer after the program was installed). The QuickStart Tutorial provides the basic concepts of BookingCenter. With a little advanced preparation by you and your staff, training sessions can focus on specific drivers that will help you achieve business goals.

The steps to prepare for the training include: 1. Registration details, 2. Latest version of BookingCenter, 3. Installing new datafile, 4. Training materials, 5. Understanding new datafile, and 6. 3 hour training outline.

1. Registration Details
Your Site ID, password, Unlock code, and user licenses are:

-> uses your Site ID and password to identify you - it must be correctly placed into your software to publish on the Internet and to use the Member's Area found at

->Your Lock Code will unlock your software and allow you full access to all of BookingCenter Pro's features.

->Your Serial Numbers will allow you to run multiple copies of BookingCenter.

2. Latest Version of BookingCenter

It is important to ensure that you are running the latest version of BookingCenter (6.0). If you do not have BookingCenter downloaded, please download it from the following site:

Please go to

a. Type in your Site ID (i.e. XXXXXX) and password (written above in section 1) and click ‘login’
b. Scroll down and under ‘Full Installer Download. Please note these are large files, click ‘Download the full 95/98/ME/2000/XP (all Win32 systems) installer for BookingCenter PMS'
c. Download this file to your hard drive and double click ‘BC_Win32_Inst.exe’ and follow the installation steps.

3. Install new Datafile

Please find attached a self-executable file, which will install your property’s customized BookingCenter datafile on your computer. This process is outlined as follows:

a. Double Click on the ‘Custom_BookingCenter_XXXXXX.exe' file
b. Click ‘Next’ and follow the steps to complete the installation process
c. Double Click the ‘BookingCenter’ icon on your desktop
d. In the top left toolbar, click ‘File’, scroll down and click ‘Change Datafile’
e. A new window will open called ‘Change Datafile’
f. Click on the icon titled ‘Other’
g.You will find your datafile is the c: folder titled ‘BOOKINGCENTER’
h. Double Click ‘BOOKINGCENTER’ and then ‘Luxury Living.df1'
i. You will then see your customized property information load

4. Training Materials

BookingCenter has four resource manuals that come with the software in PDF format. These resources are included in the BookingCenter directory when you installed BookingCenter and can be accessed by clicking Start|Programs|BookingCenter. BookingCenter encourages you to read, and print if necessary, the following documents prior to training. The Business Process Document and BookingCenter QuickStart Tutorial are the two documents that are excellent first steps to understanding the program.

a. BookingCenter Reference Manual (159 pages) - Provides detailed instructions on BookingCenter features.
b. BookingCenter QuickStart Tutorial (45 pages) - Walks you through the basics of the BookingCenter system.
c. Business Process Document (21 pages) - Highlights the key functions of maximizing the use of BookingCenter through the course of a workday.
d. On-line Checklist (19 pages) - Walks you through the process of securely marketing, selling, and managing your inventory on-line through the BookingCenter Network.

5. Understanding the new Datafile

If you feel comfortable with the software after going through the resource manuals, BookingCenter encourages you to test and experiment with your datafile prior to training.

6. 3 Hour Training Outline

Below you will find the outline that will be followed during the orientation. You are encouraged to print this out and take notes as you see necessary.

I. Introduction
A. Personal & Company Introduction
B. Industry Overview
C. Customer Information
D. Reference Manuals

II. Overview of Process
A. 120-Minute Training
B. One Internal Champion
C. Software -> Book Now buttons -> Network
D. Optional GDS distribution

III. Datafile and Parameters
A. Data file and images in correct folder
B. Backing up Datafile
C. Review of Parameters

IV. Making a New Booking
A. Enquiry, Availability and Booking Details
B. Edit, Cancel and Delete
C. Internet Bookings

V. Issuing a Receipt
A. Deposit Policy
B. Credit Cards, Phone, Fax
C. Refunds

VI. Confirmation Letters
A. Using Email, Print, Screen

VII. Daily Room Management
A. Checking In/Out
B. Cleaning Reports

VIII. Sales of Items
A. Setting up Items
B. Selling Items

IX. Reports
A. Room Bookings
B. Financial Summary (taxes)
C. QuickBooks export

X. Internet Bookings
A. Members Area (site ID and password)
B. Web Bookings
C. Update Internet

XI. Support Policy
A. Runs 3-months from training
B. Resource manuals
C. On-line FAQs
D. E-Mail Contact

If you have any problems or questions, do not hesitate to contact us.
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