What's causing me to get kicked out of the system?
Posted by Jesse Chieppa on 05 Aug 2011 02:32 PM

What's causing me to get kicked out of the system?

Unlike software that is traditionally installed on your local computer, MyPMS is a SaaS (software as a service) application that is served over the internet. This brings tremendous benefits including lower cost of ownership, lower hardware costs and flexability to use the system from any location.

As a web service however any internet issues are magnified and can present as being signed out, logged out. It's important to understand the differences between being logged off for idle timeout and being kicked off for a session issue.

The idle timeout of MyPMS is a property set value between 5 - 60 minutes. That means that from the moment you logged in, if you were to walk away from the keyboard as long as you loaded a new tab/page within the defined time the system would keep you logged in and complete the request.   As soon as you reached the session limit without any browser based activity you would receive a prompt warning you that you're about to be timed out and given two minutes to click the stay logged in button.

If you frequently leave the computer or due to the flow of busniess it sits idle for an extended period of time we recommend instituting a polcy for your staff to log out of the system when not in use. This both provides enhanced security and eliminates staff confusion running into the idle timeout.

An example of a session issue is when you log in, and start a new booking and upon hitting save find yourself back at the login screen.

If you are experiencing session related issues we have a questioner below to assist us in troubleshooting the issue with you.

1) Describe your connection from your ISP (DSL, Cable, Wireless , etc) including advertised connections speeds (ie. 12mbit down 2mbit up)

2) How many computers are connected to your local network

3) Do hotel guests connect to the same network?

4) How are staff computers connected to the network?
(Wired, Wireless, Mixed?)

5) Can you duplicate the issue on more than one machine at the property?

5a) If yes, are they all connected in a similar manner?

5b) If no, how is the machine presenting the issue connected to the local network?

6) Please provide specifications from all machines experiencing the issue including

Operating System (i.e Windows 7 or Mac OSX Snow Leopard)
Browser & Version (i.e. Internet Explorer 9 or Firefox 5)
Do you have a software firewall/antivirus installed, if so which?

7) Do you have a hardware firewall or security device? (i.e Cisco ASA, Sonicwall etc)

8) Can you duplicate the issue from a machine at another location?

9) Is this the first time you experienced the issue? If not, please describe the frequency.

10) Is the issue happening during normal operations, or when going between the MyPMS system and the Setup area and vice versa?

11) What are the results of a speed test done at including latency, upload and download speeds?

12) What are the results of a speed test done to our servers at including latency, upload and download speeds?

13) Briefly describe when the problem first started and any events that may have correlated to that timeperiod (i.e. Moved to another office, Switched ISP's, installed a hardware firewall, etc).

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