How do I back up my BookingCenter datafile?
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How do I back up my BookingCenter datafile?

How to Backup your BookingCenter datafile

It is critical to make a DAILY back up of your datafile so your booking, financial, and tax information can easily be restored when needed.

The detailed instructions are in the BookingCenter Reference Manual in Chapter 2 under "Configuring the Backup".

Data Back Up Options:

Simply COPY the datafile and PASTE it into your external drive. Do this in the same way you copy any other file - drag and drop it or right-click and choose COPY on the datafile (Ex. MyInn.df1) and then right click and choose PASTE on the backup disk. After you back up, you can take the drive home with you.

'Local' Automatic Data Back Up
The basic backup feature in Parameters| Backup Configuration allows you to automatically backup to external devices such as a USB Drive or an internal or external hard drive. New external hard drives come in all sizes and work with any modern PC with a USB port. Refer to the detailed instructions in the BookingCenter Reference Manual, Chapter 2 under "Configuring the Backup". The backup occurs automatically at midnight - you can't set any other time for the auto backup. Therefore, make sure that 1) the 'Backup Management' PC is powered on, that 2) BookingCenter is launched, and 3) the server with the datafile is accessible at midnight.

If any 3 of these are not happening at midnight, auto backup will not occur.

Remote Automatic Data Back Up
BookingCenter offers an optional Data Back Module, which automatically uploads a copy of your data file to your secure ftp servers every evening. This saves the time and hassle of manual back ups and the cost of storage hardware and media. You never have to remember to back up anymore and your data will always be safe in the event of a hardware failure, or more likely employees forgetting to back up.

To learn how to add this service to your property, see or contact for more complete details.

* Note: Automated backup works fine for a single OS X Macintosh, however is not supported for Mac OS X networks (Mac OS X Server and client). For this we suggest a third party solution such as a .Mac account or Retrospect.
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