Folio Setup: How to get Folios to Print with Tax Breakouts and Sub Totals and Designed via Templates
Posted by Jeff Tweddale on 07 Jun 2011 12:51 PM

Folio Setup: How to get Folios to Print with Tax Breakouts and Sub Totals

BookingCenter works with a variety of tax standards (VAT, GST, County taxes, nightly taxes, etc) where some tax districts require that taxes be sub totaled or broken out in detail. For these situations, BookingCenter offers choices for the setup of folios and layout of taxes on the folio. Below we also explain how you can 'design' Folios to match your brand.

To select how Folios work with taxes, visit the Setup area | PMS tab | Setup ( ).

The setting choices are:

1) No Tax Breakout:
This setting keeps taxes in line with the Charges they are posted, listed vertically below each Item. This is the standard used in USA, as the folio lists charges/payments as they are made..

2)Tax Subtotal:
In this selection, Charges and Taxes are listed together and all taxes are sub-totalled at bottom in one category called 'Taxes' (or whatever is the description for the Inventory Group called 'Taxes' in the setup area) for simpliשּׁĀcation if there are multiple taxes.

3) Full Tax Breakout:
In this selection, the words "tax invoice" is stated in a prominent place; Item taxes appear all together on the folio and and all taxes are broken out and sub-totalled at bottom. The Tax Invoice is intended for VAT/GST (tax inclusive) setups and assumes that rates and prices are sold inclusive of tax. Many GST/VAT tax authorities require breaking out what was paid in taxes as a sub-total.

See the attached PDF document "folio_tax_layout_choices.pdf" at bottom of this KnowledgeBase for a visual example of the differences or simply open one of your folios and play with the 3 settings to see its effect on your Folio layout.

Folio Designing: How to Use Letters to Make Custom Folios

Also, because the folio function is a variable we support in our Letters (and 'Auto Letters' feature), any Letter can be turned into a custom Folio to match the exact 'look and feel' of your brand.  To read how to do this, and see some examples of nice looking Letters and Folios, see:

 1307479835680_folio_layout_choices.pdf (55.40 KB)
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