Managing Agent banners, logos, and access to
Posted by Jeff Tweddale on 19 Apr 2011 12:33 PM

Managing Agent banners, logos, and access to

All of a property's Agents can have access to:, a service for customers who use BookingCenter's Booking Engine.

BookingCenter maintains a few 'types' of agents, but the most common used by our properties is the 'Standard' agent made by our MyPMS and Desktop PMS customers.

Each Site is responsible for giving their 'Standard agents' access to this area in order for the Agent to manage their Banners, Logos, and view the status of any bookings they were involved in making.

The Site ID is pre-pended to the Agent ID for the agent to login directly to the Agents Area. For example, if you make an Agent with an ID 'JOHN' and your Site is MYSITE, then the ID that your Agent will login to is ID: MYSITEJOHN.

In the BookingCenter PMS systems, the Agent will be known as JOHN (as you entered in MyAgents area of MyPMS or your Desktop Pro PMS) but when they login to: and manage their details remotely, they need to login as MYSITEJOHN.

When you give them an Agent URL to book, it will be as MYSITEJOHN. For the example here, a Booking URL for this JOHN agent who wishes to book direct at my website would be: Any rooms and rates allocated to this Agent would then be booked and managed properly, and all bookings would be associated to JOHN in my PMS.

Agent Banners and Logos
Only Agents set as 'Wholesale Agents' will, by default, use the Agent's banner when accessing the Booking Engine. All other agents wil use the Site's standard banner when booking. The exception to this rule is if you are an LDS (Local Distribution System) customer of BookingCenter, under this condition, the Agent's banner can be set to replace the Site's banner when querying for a Portal or Mini Portal. If you wish to learn more info n how these 'Wholesale Agents' work, see:

To learn more about generally selling through Agent channels, read:

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