Managing Images in the Booking Engine and Global Booking Network
Posted by Jeff Tweddale on 15 Apr 2011 01:59 PM

Managing Images in the Booking Engine and Global Booking Network

Most images that BookingCenter sends online to your Booking Engine or the Global Booking Network are controlled by your Desktop system and they are found on your hard drive. There is a complete explanation in the Online Checklist that comes in your / BookingCenter / folder on your computer, but the short answer is to click the image link on each Room Type to connect the Room Type image with the image stored on your computer. Simply go to BookingCenter | Parameters | Booking System | Types and Parameters | System Graphics to 'connect' the proper images that should be shown online and through Global Booking Networks. If you ever change an image from either of these areas in the Parameters, you need to do a Full Update for the new images to get sent to the BookingCenter Central Reservation System.

Additional Images BookingCenter Supports Outside of the Desktop Property Management System

Besides the images managed in the Parameters area of the Desktop system itself, you can add images for such features as pools, lobbies, conference rooms, etc in the Members Area at: These cannot be managed in the Desktop, but can be replaced online only, and once changed, will automatically upload to any Global Booking Network site.  For more information on the details of what can be placed here, and how to do so, see:

How do the GDS and OTAs (Online Travel Agency) get the new images?

Each OTA (Online Travel Agency) has their own 'image replacement' process (updating images after a property has been activated), and by following the instructions above, any new mages will be sent to them automatically. The GDS systems will update within 48 hours, but some OTAs (such as Expedia or Orbitz) can take as long as 3 weeks to update. If you still have not seen the images get replaced on a specific OTA that is part of the Global Booking Network, let us know by logging to the Support Area at Here, you can 'Submit a HelpDesk Ticket' to our support staff and we'll request a re-indexing of images for the specific site you mention has outdated images.

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