Desktop PMS Reports | Accommodations and Tax Separately
Posted by Jeff Tweddale on 25 Mar 2011 04:59 PM

The most consistent for Tax Reporting by BookingCenter properties, that guarantees no over- payment of tax, regardless of how well the system is being used, is to use the following:

On the Reports | Financial Report option:

  • Choose the option for Completed Bookings: those bookings manually COMPLETED usually paid and left the property without refuting the charge).
  • Then choose Depart Date: this makes the report look for bookings that departed in the time frame, regardless of when they arrived. This will assure that long-term stays are not a tax liability until they check out and have been completed.
  • Choosing Financial vs Revenue gives slightly different ways of looking at the time frame, but choosing 'Financial' as the Type is best, and most detailed, for this purpose.

The resulting report will then list Accommodation and Taxes separately, with a clear tally for your Tax Department.

The sample attached to this article shows BK (Bookings) separate from GB (Group Bookings) and separate from SI (Sales Invoices).

 1301097669667_Financial_Report.pdf (24.24 KB)
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