Folio: Room Rent wasn't posted, How do I manually charge Room Rent?
Posted by Jesse Chieppa on 22 Mar 2011 11:46 AM

In the event that you need to manually charge room rent to a guest(s) account you may do so from 'Add Charge' field on the Folio tab.

If you wish to manually charge folios on the current business day simply load the folio, select 'Room Rent' from add charge and enter the amount you wish charged for Room Rent. When Room Rent is manually charged for a system date it will NOT be charged again during the Night Audit process for that same System Date.  This is to prevent 'double charging' of a Folio(s).

If Room Rent wasn't charged during Night Audit and you need to manually post room rent for a prior system date the process has additional steps.

1) For departures on the current system date that need room rent for the prior system date you can simply charge folios manually. Since they are departing on the current system date they won't be effected by room rent being posted on an incorrect system date.

2) For bookings that need room rent for a prior system date and are due to have room rent for the current system date there are two ways to proceed.

2a) Simply charge room rent twice and use the description field to add a notation as to which system date the charges are for.  This allows the staff to charge for the date that was not charged and also for 'today's' System Date which will not be charged at Night Audit to prevent double postings.  If you do not post twice, and the guest is staying 'tonight', then the manual posting of RENT will mean the room will not get a RENT posting 'tonight' via Night Audit and you will be in the same position again tomrrow having to manually post RENT.

2b) Contact BookingCenter support and request us to roll your system date back to the prior business day.

The button for Charge Folios is not a required button to click in order to "Increment Date" if set to allow Night Audit without charging. The setting to force 'Charge Folios' is found in the Setup | Settings | PMS area - bye default this is set to be required. Depending on your choice for 'charging folios, this becomes a training requirement you need to provide for your Night Audit staff to make sure they click the button Charge Folios manually and then get the message "All Transactions posted successfully" before clicking Increment Date. Failure to have them click this button, and receive both the message and the 'Blue Check Mark' will mean that Room Rents DO NOT post and you will have to do manually.

If you have your system date rolled back please instruct your staff to perform no work in the system other than manually charging folios as you are effectively working on a prior system date and any transactions will reference that date. When you are done charging folios contact support and have us modify your system date back to the current date.

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