MyCard | Can't Void an authorization
Posted by Jesse Chieppa on 01 Mar 2011 10:37 AM

There are times when you will find you are unable to void an authorization. Common causes are listed below:

  1. The Authorization has expired. This is often the case when the booking was made well in advance of arrival and only an authorization was taken. Authorizations will only remain valid for short period (3-10 days on average depending on issuing cardbank). If you are taking a future booking it is advised to take an Advance Deposit rather than a simple authorization.
  2. The card has a security hold. If the issuing cardbank has placed a security / fraud hold on a card no transactions will go through. This often includes voiding an authorization. BookignCenter cannot assist in this case and the guest needs to be directed to contact their issuing cardbank.
  3. There are pending/settled charges against the card. Once a payment has been placed against the card, either in pending or settled status an authorization cannot be voided.
  4. The card on file was deleted prior to voiding the authorization. If a card is deleted prior to voiding the authorization you will be unable to void the authorization from within the system. Due to card processing security regulations if a card is deleted we may only retain the final four of the card and do not have the necessary information to release an authorization. If this is the case you must either wait for the auth to fall off normally or contact your merchant bank and ask them to void the authorization.
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