REPORTS: Understanding the Bookings Report
Posted by Jeff Tweddale on 13 Feb 2011 12:31 PM

This report uses the System Date to report on all bookings between the time period selected.

This report is primarily used to analyze the booking activity in your property via the sort categories (Room Type, Rate, Source, User, etc) chosen.

This report is taking its summation of the ADR, Room Rate Revenue, and % of Rate Revenue from the rates saved with the bookings - NOT the actual RENT posted to the folios.

If you wish to see what was done at your property during a time frame, we recommend the 'Booking Production' report.

You can also use the Search Bookings and choose 'Begins on:' and 'Ends on:' dates to see a list of all bookings made, edited, or canceled during the date range entered. This approaches gives a comprehensive look at all bookings activity between a date range and allows one to 'drill down' to include other filters such as 'Room Type", Rate Plans or other features.

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