Priceline Contract Rates | How do I participate in the Priceline Contract Rate Program?
Posted by Ryan Timms on 03 Oct 2010 07:04 PM

How do I participate in the Priceline Merchant Model/Contract Rate Program?

Below are the steps you need to follow to assure your successful enrollment in the XML Interface between Priceline and BookingCenter. Please note BookingCenter is available to assist as needed. 

  1. Submit a Support Ticket through with the description: “(Site ID) Interested in Priceline Contract Rate Program.” All future communication between you and BookingCenter regarding this particular Contract Rate program will occur on this Support Ticket.
  2. Go to the Priceline website at: and complete the sign-up process
  3. A Priceline representative will be in contact to provide all required paperwork
    a. Please look BookingCenter know if you are participating in the Priceline retail and/or the Priceline Opaque programs.
    b. Also let us know what room types you will be selling to each channel/agent for Priceline.
  4. A Priceline representative will work with you to complete your property’s profile including room types
  5. BookingCenter, with our distribution partners, will work to have your room types mapped so this can be managed through the BookingCenter software.
    a. This will be done via new agent codes CT1 (opaque) and TW1 (merchant) under Agent Relationships.

Please keep in mind that your XML interface set-up between Priceline and BookingCenter is NOT ready and active until we get confirmation that the mapping is complete.

If you are an existing Priceline extranet property, it is VERY important that you continue to manage the Priceline extranet manually until you hear that the BookingCenter interface has been completed. At that time, all new Priceline bookings will pull the rates and availability from BookingCenter. However, the bookings made in the extranet before the connection is completed will not download into your BookingCenter software and will continue to be handled through the extranet.

Setting up this Priceline-BookingCenter XML interface typically takes about two weeks to set-up and reach completion. If you have any questions throughout the sign-up process, please let us know.


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