Rates: Showing Minimum, Maximum, and Closed to Arrival rates - Display Restricted Rates
Posted by Jeff Tweddale on 25 Sep 2010 05:02 PM

Travelers who make requests for rooms at your website can not over ride a 'Minimum or Maximum stay' restriction set for a specific rate for a specific date. But there are times when you may want to make guests aware that there are other rates they could buy if the they were to alter their travel plan.

For this purpose, you can turn on the setting 'Display Restricted Rates' (for Desktop and Management Tool customers, the setting is accessed in the Members Area -

For MyPMS customers, it's available in the Setup area at:

Turning this ON will show a user all potential rates bookable, though it will require meeting the restriction. Turning this OFF will only show rates bookable for the time period selected and none of the restricted rates they cannot book.

Play around to see which setting you like best. Note, if you are using the XML Booking Engine interface, then this has no bearing on the rates delivered to you.

By showing restricted rates, guests have a chance to 'choose' which rate works best for them.  But having more rates means managing more rates.  Sometimes it is worth the extra effort. For example, say you have a high season where you want a minimum 2-night stay on a Saturday. If you set that Saturday to require to a 2-night Minimum Stay, note that user can arrive on Saturday and depart on Monday - so the Saturday met the 2-day stay restriction.  But what if you don't want a Saturday arrival for a Monday departure? Then you would have to have a 'closed to arrival' set for the specific Saturday(s).  But that would have the consequence of rejecting a 10-day booking starting on the Saturday, because of the 'closed to arrival'.  In a case like this, having a separate rate that allowed a Saturday arrival and was set to a 3-day minimum stay would allow a Saturday arrival and the booking would stay for at last 3 nights.  This is one example of where having restrictive policies might make creating more rates worth the effort.

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