Night Audit Differences Between MyPMS Systems
Posted by Jeff Tweddale on 17 Aug 2010 08:34 AM

There are three main differences between the Night Audit process that BookingCenter has supported in the MyPMS1 product and the MyPMS2 product:  

  • The button for Charge Folios is no longer a required button to click in order to "Increment Date" if set to allow Night Audit without charging.  The setting to force 'Charge Folios' is found in the Setup | Settings | PMS area - be default this is set to be required. Depending on your choice for 'charging folios, this becomes a training requirement you need to provide for your Night Audit staff to make sure they click the button Charge Folios manually and then get the message "All Transactions posted successfully" before clicking Increment Date. Failure to have them click this button, and receive both the message and the 'Blue Check Mark' will mean that Room Rents DO NOT post and you will have to do manually.


  • If a Room Rent was applied manually to a folio during a specific System Date day, then the "Charge Folios" procedure of Night Audit WILL NOT charge that folio again for that particular System Date. This has been implemented in order to allow users to pre-charge for Room Rent (and even pay, if desired) without having a duplicate Room Rent applied to an in house guest during Night Audit. 


  • An email is sent each night to the Email address listed in the Setup | Settings | Site Details 'email' field. This email summarizes which folios were posted with Room Rent for how much money as a "verification" that your Night Audit staff actually clicked Charge Folios. The email lists how much was charged to each folio. If there was already a Room Rent posted to the Booking for that System Date (ie, Room Rent was applied manually that day) then the email will list the folio in house, at what room rate, but use a :0 to designate it as not charged via the "Charge Folios" procedure. 
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