Placing Type, Thumbnail, and Property Images in the Members/Setup Areas
Posted by Jeff Tweddale on 31 Jul 2010 12:42 PM

Placing Type, Thumbnail, and Property Images in the Members/Setup Areas

Each Room type is allowed 1 image. In some cases, it is attractive to make a collage of images. If you are selling through the GDS, you are NOT allowed to use collages - each Room must be presented clearly with no artificial editing - and the images must be between these sizes: 300 x 300 min and 480 x 480 max. If you are not selling through the GDS then it does not matter what size images are used.

Thumbnail Images - these are part of the room type images section. All thumbnails need to conform to 100 x 100 min and 200 x 200 max.
A special tip: make them all the same size. It will look best on the booking engine. If you wish to use Thumbnails on your online Booking Engine, you must have the setting 'Use Thumbnails' turned on in the Settings | Booking Engines area of your setup.

You can upload additional images to websites and networks linked to the GDS and Pegasus distribution system. If you do not use the option to sell through the GDS you can ignore these images. For our properties who use only 1-10 images representing their entire property (i.e., all images added together), BookingCenter charges $5/month for properties that load 11-19 images, and $10/mo for those that load 20+ images. Images that are accepted include the following and all have a size restriction 300 x 300 min - 480 x 480 max:

o Conference
o Golf
o Lobby
o Pool
o Property
o Recreation
o Restaurant
o Spa

Place these from your Members Area ( or Setup Area ( by clicking 'Choose File', finding the image on your computer, then clicking 'Submit <image name>'.  

Some customers have reported problems with uploading and saving images based on their specific browser.  If you keep getting an error after verifying your JPG images are correctly sized and at 72 DPI, then please use this link to login and work directly on a specific server:


Channel Manager

Use this direct URL only for placing images, and only if you are experiencing an error. Do not use this link for day-to-day management.

To Delete an image, simply click 'Delete <image name> and respond affirmatively when asked if you really wish to do so.

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