Users: Add, delete, edit users, Set Inactive, and manage passwords and challenge questions
Posted by Jeff Tweddale on 04 Jun 2010 04:42 PM

Managing and restricting users from accessing your MyPMS site is done in the Setup Area for users with 'manager level' access.   When logged in, click Setup | PMS | Users and then choose the actual User you wish to either EDIT or set inactive.  From here you can delete it or edit details (such as save a new password in the password field).

Also, on this page, you set a User to ACTIVE or INACTIVE.  When setting a User to INACTIVE, they cannot unlock themselves.  However, they will remain as records in the system attashed to Log entries and bookings, but no longer be able to login.  Using the 'Inactive' flag is the best option when a worker leaves employment and no longer needs to login.

Regarding passwords, it is recommended that someone with Manager level access add, edit, or remove existing users while you are in the 'User' area. Neither BookingCenter staff nor a manager can actually view a password, but a manager can save a new password for any user by doing what is described above.

Regarding 'challenge' questions, it is best to have your uers create their own challenege questions and asnwers, as this the way that a user, who has locked herself out, can answer a question and then log back in without outside assistance.

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