How can BookingCenter help you get better placement?
Posted by Ryan Timms on 23 May 2010 09:37 PM

How can BookingCenter help you get better placement?

1. Analyze the rates that are being offered to customers for comparative properties in your area and meet or exceed them. BookingCenter offers the Marketing Services Organization (MSO) which tracks your on-line and offline ADR (average daily rate) and can help meet the objectives you set.

2. Aggressively price your rooms to begin receiving increased bookings. This is similar to paying your way to the top of Google through keyword buys and link exchanges. The more 'relevant' you are, the better your positioning will be on the major travel sites. Earning placement is the hard part, but once your bookings build up, it will improve your placement and should allow you to slowly raise rates while maintaining relevancy to the Network algorithms used by each Partner site. The BookingCenter MSO allows you to quantify the 'look to book' ratio for your on-line bookings to see where conversion of inquiries drops off in relation to your rate hikes.

3. Create packages and run discounts to drive more bookings to your property through the Global Booking Network. To have your discounted rates appear on travel sites that pull Packages, you will need to have the POS Module registered ( and follow instruction posted at: for making and allocating Packages to the Global Booking Network.

4. Participate in NetRate programs. NetRate programs are agreements between a particular travel website (i.e. Orbitz, Expedia) and a property. Often times, these travel websites require deep discounts on your rack rates, but will provide preferred placement and access to additional information on your property. Almost all the major travel websites have NetRate programs. BookingCenter does allow you to manage this program through our software. For more information on this program, please see the following URL:

5. Participate in various rate plan strategies. For more information, please see for other Rate Plan Strategies can you employ to increase your on-line bookings.

6. Ensure that you displaying current and high quality photos. Please note that all images must follow the below specs: 480 x 480 max and 300 x 300 min at 72 dpi. Therefore, no one side can be smaller than 300 pixels or bigger than 480 pixels. If you have images bigger than this, that is fine. Please send images to BookingCenter and we can always re-size.

7. Make sure that your Property Activities, Property Amenities, and Room Type Amenities are complete, accurate, and thorough. Keeping this data accurate and comprehensive will improve your exposure.

8. Ensure your property, location, and marketing information descriptions are comprehensive and detailed.

9. Make sure that you have your latitude and longitude codes up-to-date and accurate.

10. Ensure that you have listed four airports that are closest to the property. Some can be regional, but be sure to include major airports.

There will probably never be a 'magic bullet' to win on the Internet again. Too many sophisticated business systems and business people have joined the game. However, by observing what works and what does not and responding to the knowledge you have through empirical systems such as BookingCenter, you can stay ahead of the curve of change.

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