GDS Bookings: Will my property appear on all major GDS travel websites? Which travel sites are these?
Posted by Ryan Timms on 23 May 2010 09:31 PM

Will my property appear on all major GDS travel websites? Which travel sites are these?

There is not a good way to tell when (or if) a property is fully populated on all the GDS related travel websites.  Each GDS-fed travel company pulls/extracts in a frequency that BookingCenter, nor our GDS partners, can track or find any consistent pattern.  We have tried to map it out, but with only limited success.  (For example, Travelocity mentioned they try to update every Thursday, but sometimes they do not.)

Typically, throughout implementation, BookingCenter is at the mercy of these businesses, although we do have contacts at most major travel websites.  As a result, we do not like to set expectations on something we will never be able to control.  We cannot guarantee any specific times on a hotel go-live date with these un-regulated web merchants.  We simply publish to the GDS and Pegasus and the travel sites grab whichever property, whenever they wish to.

Our usual rule is if the property is not live on a major website within a maximum of six weeks after we sent the 'go-live announcement', then it is time to open an inquiry with the service in question. There are many more websites than the major players listed at:

Please keep in mind, it is difficult to determine if a property will actually qualify for one or more of these sites, as some cater to criteria such as hotel location, market segment, or even hotel type.  We keep a list of Pegasus connected travel website at the link below, as Pegasus keeps this list published 1-2 times per year. However, even this list can be out-of-date sometimes, as the travel industry changes suppliers frequently.

If you have a specific travel website you want to be listed on, ask them from where they 'source' their rate and availability data - usually it will be one of the major travel systems we publish into.  Then ask them if they will enroll your property.  Your Property Name and location will suffice for them to 'add you' to their travel site.  If they require a specific code (for example, a HGDS or Pegasus ID) then login to the Support Area at  Here, you can 'Submit Request Tickets' to our support staff and ask for any specific code the travel system is requiring and we'll provide it to you.

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