Using Guest Types and Passwords in online bookings
Posted by Jeff Tweddale on 21 Mar 2010 10:43 AM

Using Guest Types and Passwords in online bookings

BookingCenter provides Guest Types features in MyPMS only via the Booking Engine, not in the core MyPMS system itself. You can set certain Guest Types to receive percentages on/off their bookings and extras. Publish these Guest Type options to the BookingCenter Booking Engine and your online visitors can enjoy specific booking discounts.

For example, if you wanted to offer a 10% reduction in rates to members of the AARP (American Assoc. of Retired People), then a visitor to your website would choose the AARP Guest Type that you had setup in BookingCenter and their rates would be displayed as 10% less. This guest and discount information would be saved with the Booking.

To enable this program, simply bring up a Guest Type ( and choose "publish on Internet". I
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