Re Installing Desktop after a computer crash
Posted by Jeff Tweddale on 18 Mar 2010 08:01 AM

Reinstalling Desktop after a computer crash

Follow these simple instructions to get BookingCenter re-installed and your datafile to load.

Download BookingCenter

  • Update by logging in to the BookingCenter Downloads Area (
  • Login with your ID and password to download the Full Installer for your computer platform (ie, make sure you download the Macintosh for Mac or the Windows version for your Windows machine.
  • Make sure you use the link in the Support Area and DO NOT use the link on the public BookingCenter website (at: as the version we are promoting on our public website may be a newer version and once your datafile is updated to a newer version, it can not be opened with an older version. Install the program as the instructions prompt.
  • If you can not access the installers and/or updaters in the Support Area, it will be because you have no active Support Contract. See below

Once you have the installer for your registered version of BookingCenter, proceed as below:

  • Open your datafile: You need to place your backup copy of your datafile into the / BookingCenter/ folder created when you installed BookingCenter above. Your ‘datafile’ contains all the information you have entered thus far, and it will be named something such as "myPropery.df1". Place your customized datafile somewhere on your hard drive you can find it, but we recommend in the / BookingCenter/ folder.
  • Launch BookingCenter and Connect to Your Datafile. Simply double click the ' BookingCenter ' icon in the / BookingCenter/ to launch the program.
  • If BookingCenter asks you to load a datafile: Choose the your customized datafile you placed in the / BookingCenter / folder by navigating to it and double clicking it. Once it loads, you are ready to go!
  • If BookingCenter loads another datafile besides the one you want. (How will you tell? In version 4 or 5 of BookingCenter, click on the BookingCenter “Home Window” - the upper right area where we have the BookingCenter logo and the white space - and that will show you the path to the datafile you have loaded. In Version 6, choose 'About BookingCenter' and it will show the same.)

Then, Go to the FILE menu

  • Choose Change Datafile
  • Click “Other”
  • Find your customized datafile and double-click it. Now you have the correct datafile loaded and ready to use!
  • Now, go back to the FILE menu
  • Choose Change Datafile
  • Highlight the custom datafile you want to launch as the default (ie, each time BookingCenter launches)
  • Click the “Default” button and BookingCenter will ask if you want to set this datafile as the default. Click "Yes" and it is done.
  • Close the Change Datafile window by clicking the close button

Register BookingCenter: Your Serial Number needs to be entered for the new version you have installed so that it will run forever. Serialize the software by following these steps:

  1. Launch BookingCenter
  2. Choose Parameters (from the BookingCenter menu)
  3. Click on Company Information
  4. Click on Register
  5. Click SERIALIZE and a new window will come up to have you enter your Name, Company, and Serial Number (you should have a copy of this in your records). Each computer that runs BookingCenter must have a unique serial number, so you will have to perform this step for each computer on your Network that will connect to your BookingCenter datafile.
  6. You can choose to restart BookingCenter after performing the 'serialize' step.

Now all is setup and ready to go. If we can assist, please login to the Support Area at Here, you can 'Submit Request Tickets' to our support staff and track the issues you have raised with their answers.



NOTE: Users of our Desktop Property Management System are required to have an active Support Contract to access Updates.

Would you like us to bill for a 30-day (US$35) or 180-day (US$180) support contract? If so, please email or fax your Visa, Discover, American Express, or MasterCard number with expiration and billing address details to us. If you prefer, we will accept payment by Check, Money Order, or Postal Order in US dollars mailed to:

14945 Coleman Valley Rd.
Occidental, California 95465 USA
(800) 315-0042 - toll free in North America
(707) 874-3922 - tel in USA

An active Support Contract is necessary to enable BookingCenter to continue providing ongoing software and network services. Specific details about our Support Policies are posted at:


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