How to Balance Forward past receivables when moving to MyPMS?
Posted by Jeff Tweddale on 05 Mar 2010 01:28 PM

How to Balance Forward past receivables when moving to MyPMS?

When switching to any new system, the advanced deposits (ARD) and Advanced Charges (ARC) need to be posted to the new system. While there is 'right or wrong' way for doing this, the approach below is what BookingCenter customers use most often, and works well.

First, enter a new Receipt Type ( to be used on your folios with an ID of BF and a description of Balance Forward.

Save this.

Now, run an advanced deposits report in your old system. This report needs to list the guest, booking, and the amount of monies already received for these 'advanced' bookings. (those to be checked in a future date, after going live n MyPMS).

Enter these booking in MyPMS or find these bookings in MyPMS (if they had already been entered).

On the folio for these bookings, under the Payment drop down, choose Balance Forward and place the TOTAL amount of the advanced deposit already posted to these bookings (taken for your old system's report).

In the description field, write a brief description that explains this payment was originally booked (and reported upon)in the old system. An example might be: "VI: xxx3798 for folio 234567 from Oct 20, 2009". This will inform anyone that if they looked in the old system, under folio 234567 they will find a VI (Visa) charge for this amount made on Oct 20, 2009. This is all that is necessary, unless you wish to place the actual Visa card onto the booking as well.

Now, when you run a Transaction Report, you will see the time at which you applied the Balance Forward to your MyPMS bookings.

When you run an Advanced Deposit Report, you will see the totals, for all your future bookings, that include these 'Balance Forward' charges.

When you run a Transaction report, and choose "Balance Forward', this report ought to equal exactly the advanced deposits report in your old system.

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