What if my agent allocations are not showing correctly?
Posted by Jeff Tweddale on 15 Feb 2010 03:46 PM

We have seen situations where the files that are sent to the Central Reservations System defining which Rooms to sell at which rates are not being received, even after multiple Full Updates.If you have not done multiple Full Updates and received a 'Successful Full Update' message, do not progress. Instead, see: Desktop PMS Updates and do a successful Full Update before progressing.

If you have done multiple Full Updates and received a 'Successful Full Update' message and your allocations are still wrong, do the following:

To begin, please quit all BookingCenter computers EXCEPT the Network Manager. BEFORE YOU PROGRESS TO REPAIRING YOUR BookingCenter DATAFILE - MAKE A BACKUP and store it somewhere safe!!

Then, on that Mac/PC do this:

  1. Go to the Utilities section (Parameters | Utilities). The name required to access it is ‘precious'. Go to Check Datafile choose Re Index and let BookingCenter repair any irregularities.Then, click the button called 'update Links', 'update pointers'. 'check tax & charges', and Check Booking Balances'.Once completed, you will be presented with a screen that explains that the datafile was examined successfully. Close BookingCenter software and then.
  2. Open your /BOOKINGCENTER/ folder, then the folder named after your site ID, such as JEFFTWE, then inside the /Uploads/ folder remove all contents inside.
  3. Relaunch BookingCenter and perform a full upload. Review the confirmation email you receive and check the area after 5-10 minutes
  4. In the  go to Agent Allocations and delete all allocations to the 3 Agents: BC, BCM, and WR. Simply click DELETE from the Agents Allocations for these 3 Agents (and others, such as WEBER - for Webervations, or EQR for Expedia, if these are issues for you).
  5. Re-allocate the rooms by simply click the the "Check button" on the Agent BC, BCM, and WR - all rooms ought to come back to the default rates and 100% - if this is NOT what you want, then please edit each Room Type and Rate to allocate to AT LEAST the 3 agents (BC, BCM, and WR) what is desired to sell online. 
  6. Do a Full Update. Need help with doing a Full Update after making a change in BookingCenter? See Desktop PMS Updates
  7. Open your / BookingCenter/ folder, then the folder named after your site ID, such as JEFFTWE, then inside that folder the Uploads folder, and look for the agenttype.txt file that was just created.
    • In this file, are there now records for the 3 agents in the 2nd column: BC, BCM, and WR?

If so, all is well.

If not, please zip your datafile and attach it to the Support Area's 'Submit Ticket' and we'll look deeper into the issue.

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