How do I add a Pet Fee for online bookings for my Desktop PMS?
Posted by Jeff Tweddale on 14 Feb 2010 01:05 PM

How do I add a Pet Fee for online bookings for my Desktop PMS?

There are 2 ways to add a 'pet fee' to online bookings:

1) Using Per Person Rates. If you want to set the pet fee up to be a per day fee, then setup your system to use the term 'pets' as an extra person in place of the terms 'Children' or 'Infants' and price those fields in your rates. To do this, go to Parameters | System Configuration and click System labels to edit the word 'infant' to 'pets', for example. If you want appropriate rates for children and 'pets' - as in the case above - you must place them in the appropriate Rates using a 'per person' rate.

2) Inventory Items Online. This is the easier way, I believe, is to make 'Pets' an Item a user can choose optionally after selecting a room. This is a bit easier and allows for a single 'Pet Fee' as opposed to a daily fee for the total of the booking. However, this feature requires that the use of the 'POS Module' has been purchased, so there is an additional fee to start taking advantage of this - and other features - that the 'POS Module' provides. See: details. Is the Inventory Item approach is taken. here is how it works:

You add Items in the Members Area of BookingCenter. Inventory Items are displayed to your online bookers on the Booking page UNDER the Guest Details section. A guest who is making a booking can now purchase as many of these Extra Items as you decide to publish in whatever quantity desired. There is a More Info link available to each item to provide an Image and More Information text about the Items you are selling.

A visitor can buy these items and add them to their total.

There are three types of costing the Items allowed:
1. Pay with Booking - The cost of the Item is NOT calculated into the Deposit required to complete the booking. Instead, it will be paid at check-in/check-out.
2. Take % Deposit - The cost of the Item will be divided by the "Deposit %" set in the Parameters | Policies area of BookingCenter and added to the Deposit required to complete the booking
3. Pay In Full - This option will take the entire cost of the Extra Item and require it be taken in full to complete the booking.

At the conclusion of the purchasing of an Item online, a new Sale Account is added and is downloaded into the BookingCenter Desktop and/or MyPMS, or saved online for the Management Tool.

These are two ways to add a 'pet fee'.
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