Bed and Breakfast or Full Board Tax Setup
Posted by Jeff Tweddale on 10 Feb 2010 02:45 PM

In may locales, there is a 'Bed and Breakfast' or 'Full Board" issue where lodging is taxed at one rate (say, 10%) and food at another (say, 8%) per guest.

The Desktop Pro support this 'Bed and Breakfast' tax scenario.

There is additional detail on this setup in the BookingCenter Reference Manual 'Configuring Accounting and Tax'. But, in summary, when viewing the 'Tax and Accounting' section of the Parameters, examine the section where you can turn 'on' the "Accommodation Cost Includes . . . " and make sure you check this Checkbox to display the options to tax the per person daily breakfast fee different than the accommodation.

If checked, enter the value of breakfast for Adults (Guests), Children, and Infants per night. Then select the different taxes and/or service charges that will be applied separately to the breakfast and the accommodation portions. This enables easier reporting for situations that, say, a Bed & Breakfast may face where the breakfast portion is taxed only the local tax rate and the lodging is taxed at either a separate Occupancy Tax rate or an occupancy tax PLUS the local tax rate. All calculations adjusting taxed values occur automatically in BookingCenter and tax reporting is automated for pricing per guests with correct tax totals for the tax authority.

Again, for greater detail on setting up the tax section correctly, see the BookingCenter Reference Manual 'Configuring Accounting and Tax'.

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