How can I find my datafile on my Mac or PC?
Posted by Jeff Tweddale on 02 Feb 2010 12:20 PM

How can I find my datafile on my Mac or PC?

Your datafile is a single file on your mac or PC. It is is usually called something like "My Property Lodge.DF1 " (each property names it, so we don't for sure what your particular one is called) and will usually be in your / BookingCenter/ folder.

You can also find where the datafile is by launching BookingCenter and going to the 'About BookingCenter' menu and the 'splash screen' that appears will have a 'Current Datafile" printed on it with a pathname to where the actual data file resides. This is your datafile and this is what you can simply 'copy' and paste anywhere to make a 'backup'.

Alternatively, you can review: to read a brief overview of the Backup process online. The Backup procedure is explained in detail above as well as in the Reference Manual in Section 2, 'Configuring the Backup'.
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