Night Audit: Auto Night Audit vs Manual Night Audit
Posted by Jeff Tweddale on 28 Dec 2009 07:15 AM

MyPMS can be set to proceed each night with an Auto Night Audit which will forward your System Date at midnight YOUR local time and also initiate the 'Settle credit cards' if you are using our payment gateway solution.

While this is a handy solution for property owners who do not desire a traditional Night Audit system, it is recommended that a manager view the emails sent each night at Auto Night Audit and reconcile any errors from the day (such as a Stay Over or No Show) so that reports in the system are kept accurate.

The only way to 'reconcile' no show bookings that were not checked in, for example, is to set the 'System Date' to the arrival date needed, check the booking in, and then re-set the System Date to deal with your next 'No Show' or 'Stay Over'. Thus, reconciling missed events - when using Auto Night Audit - does require that a 'Manager' level access user alter the System Date to rectify mistakes. For a few mistakes, this is simple and easy, for numerous mistakes, this can be quite an exercise in tedium.

Note the following:
• The Night Audit Lock is ignored for Auto Night Audit users.
• If your site is set up to use the MyCard credit card payment gateway, then pending credit cards will be settled automatically.
• The System Date is always incremented at midnight your local time.
• Only when your property is set to 'Auto Night Audit' (and only BookingCenter staff can do this) can a user alter the System Date. Traditional users of Night Audit do not need to worry about this integrity.

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