Changing an AuthorizeNet API Transaction Key
Posted by Jeff Tweddale on 23 Nov 2009 04:21 PM

Changing an AuthorizeNet API Transaction Key

AuthorizeNet has implemented new communication policies to their merchants that for 'Best Practices' the customer change their API Transaction Key, which is what software systems such as BookingCenter use to connect through the 'API'.

The reason is that AuthorizeNet is concerned that software companies may have been compromised and that the API key - which cannot be used to VIEW credit cards, but can initiate charges, refunds, voids, and settlements - could be used for malicious purposes. We believe that this is not necessary to do for your BookingCenter account, but if you want to do it, educate yourself about the ramifications:

1) The correct API Transaction Key is necessary for BookingCenter to process any credit card transactions for you.

2) Once you alter the API Transaction Key (which ONLY the merchant can do, via the AuthorizeNet merchant interface) the old API Transaction Key - currently in BookingCenter - will be available for only 24 hrs - after that, the old API Transaction Key will no longer work. This is to give you time to give your legitimate software provider (BookingCenter) time to make the changes in our system. The API Transaction Key MUST be entered by BookingCenter staff in our servers, it is NOT entered in your software product. For example, the section in the Desktop PMS that states 'Auth Server;' and 'Auth Key' is not related to AuthorizeNet at all - do not edit these values!

3) BookingCenter will replace your old API Transaction Key with a new one at any time, but only for customers who have current support contracts. This means that you may have to buy a new BookingCenter support contract in order to replace your API Transaction Key, so consider this prior to making the change.

Once you are ready give us your new key, and you have a current Support Contract, please to the Support Area at Here, click 'Submit Request Tickets' and you will be able to place your new API Transaction Key into a secure ticket that our support staff can use to replace the old one. We will let you know once this has been done via the same ticket.

Everyone who works around credit cards is getting more and more concerned about policies and technologies that handle credit cards. This means it is getting more expensive and time intensive to handle cards, to everyone's detrement (but the financial industry!).
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