Group Bookings: How do I manage folio charges on group bookings?
Posted by Jesse Chieppa on 26 Oct 2009 10:30 AM

Groups often want to manage charges between the group folio and individual folios. For example, you have a new group for a wedding and the parents of the bride have agreed to pay all the rooming charges for the wedding party, but all other incidentals are to be covered individually.

To automatically post charges to certain folios in a Group, use the "Charge To" setting.This setting is located in the Booking Data tab of the Group Booking and in the Group Booking Wizard.

This setting has three options:

  • Group - All charges ( Room Rent and Other charges) will post to Group Master Folio.
  • Individual - All charges ( Room Rent and Other charges) will post to Guest Primary Folio of Individual Booking in the Group.
  • Split - Room Rent will post to Group Master Folio and Other charges will post to the Guest Primary Folio of Individual Booking in the Group.

The easiest way to accomplish this is to setup the folio policies prior to adding any individual bookings.  

  • When the Group Booking Wizard creates a new Group Booking, there is an option to choose the 'Charge To' where charges will go by default - Group or an individual Guest folio.
  • But if the choice was not made at the creation of the Group Booking, or needs to be edited, then load the group booking and click on the folio tab.
    • Then click Folio Setup.
    • You will see two folios listed: Group Master Folio and Guest Folio.
    • Use the radio buttons provided to determine which charges will be applied to to the group or guest folio. Changes made here will ONLY effect individual bookings added after the folio setup was done. As such it's best to define your group folio policies prior to adding individual bookings.

You can also make folio policy changes to a single individual booking within the group without effecting the rest of the group. To do so load the individual booking in question, click on Folio tab and click Folio setup. Changes you make here will only effect the folio policy for that individual booking.

Lastly you can move a charge from the Group Master Folio to an individual guest folio. To do so load the Group Master Folio and select the charge in question. Then using the 'Transfer Checked Items to' drop down select the "Guestname - Primary Folio' and move the charge.

To move a transaction from one booking to another booking, there must be a transaction created in the original booking folio and a corresponding transaction created in the new booking folio. This is a different function than just transferring a transaction to a new folio in the same booking or between folios in a Group. If you need these functions, see Group Folios | Transfer Transactions and Group Folio | Transfer Deposits

For better record keeping we recommend  creating a Receipt Type called Transfer Payment.All of the transactions using this Receipt Type will be grouped together on your reports. By using Transfer Payment in both transactions, there will be corresponding negative and positive transactions in the same Payment Type. These two amounts balance each other out and you have effectively moved a payment between bookings.To set up a new Receipt Type, go to SETUP | PARAMETERS | RECEIPT TYPES

For detailed instructions on transfering payments, see Group Folios | Transfer Transactions in our online manual

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