Rates: How do I configure and edit taxes?
Posted by Jesse Chieppa on 20 Oct 2009 10:26 AM

Taxes are configured in the Setup area under SETUP|SETTINGS|TAX CONFIGURATION

In North America, most businesses charge taxes on top of their rates, as they do not advertise taxed rates. If you do not charge tax, don’t tick either box for “Collect”. If you do Collect Tax, enter the percentage and tick the box if your prices include (common for Commonwealth and European countries) or exclude tax (common for N. America/Carribbean countries).

If you have a secondary tax, such as a bed tax or occupancy tax, the system can track this. If you do not have Secondary Tax, then leave this box blank. Additional taxes or flat fees can be added using the add tax section.

If you need to alter your taxes, then click the button 'Change <tax label> Rate' to change that tax value.

The BookingCenter MyPMS system utilizes site wide tax settings. As such if you have either primary or secondary Collect Tax enabled the values of these fields will automatically populate the RENT item and taxes will be calculated and posted to the guests folio when room rents are posted. It is critical that your primary and secondary tax fields are using the correct values for your business.

Additional taxes or flat fees can be added using the add tax button. In this section add a unique Tax ID followed by a brief description. Choose a flat rate or a percentage rate. Enter the rate as a number. Select whether this tax will be applied on top of other taxes. Choose yes or no for the Nonrecurring Tax. This is used if the tax is applied each day of the stay or only on the total.


Because each Charge Item can be set to include the tax settings that are setup under the Settings Tab | Tax Configuration, make sure teh correct taxes are aplied to each Item.

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