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How do I tell my webmaster how to put 'Book Now' buttons on my website?
Posted by Steve Farmer on 26 Sep 2007 06:06 AM

We have written a simple 'How To' on how to put 'Book Now' buttons on a website at Add Website Booking Buttons. This page explain the basics of how to use some 'Book Now' graphics to make yuor web page 'bookable'. 

The actual 'Book Now' button link for a Bookingcenter customer is available in their Setup/Members area along with some html code to make the process a simple copy/paste.  For example, if your hotel name is Demo Hotel, and your BookingCenter ID is 'BCDEMO' then your Site ID for the 'Book Now' code is: BCDEMO.

There is a web page where we have posted various free 'book now' graphics and further explanation for how to add simple buttons and Booking Engine functionality at: Add Website Booking Buttons

If you wish us to place the code and button for you, on your website, then you need to send us the following:

1) Host name (usually something like 
2) the ID and 
3) the password 

...and then we can login to your website and place the buttons we have online at Add Website Booking Buttons  inside your website. Note, we use our 'artwork', we do not make custom web booking buttons, so please choose your favorite graphic from the URL above.

If you wish to get a bit more advanced, and avoid going to an intermediary 'calendar of availabiilty' page, then see: where you can build a 'Quick Reservation' link in your web page to show availability and rates quicker.


If you use WordPress, we have a plugin available for WordPress that is no additional fee for our Booking Engine customers. Details here.


If you want the convenience of a multi-property (or multi unit for the Vacation Rental market) then we have a customized WordPress theme that has the Booking Engine search (price, availability, lodging type, region, amentity, etc) and book feature for multiple properties.  This is the cheapest and easiest way to get a simple and lovely solution for PMS through website and channel management for a group of properties.


Or, if you want a fully-customized 'look and feel', consider using our 'HTML API' (application programming interface) or XML Web Services that allows for 100% control over the look, feel, and behavior of the Booking Engine. Details on these 2 APIs are available at: Booking Engine Customization Options

If you need help placing these buttons on the website, please login to the Support Area at and 'Submit Request Tickets' to our support staff, call us at +1-707-874-3922 ext. 202 or see the FAQ at: Add Website Booking Buttons

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