Bookings: How to I clone an existing booking to a new one?
Posted by Jesse Chieppa on 20 Oct 2009 09:56 AM

There are times when you wish to completely duplicate a booking. To do so first load the existing source booking and from the Booking Data tab, click Clone Booking at the bottom in line with other buttons.

Pressing the ‘Clone Booking’ button will make a duplicate booking, with NO ROOM assignment (even if the booking that is being used as the ‘source’ of the clone has a Room assignment, only the Type and Rate will clone to the new cloned booking).

Please note that the source Arrival Date and Length of Stay will be preserved and that historical bookings can be cloned. Make sure you properly adjust the Arrival Date and Lenght of Stay for the new target booking

The cloned booking will have the same guest Details as the ‘source’ of the clone and if needed, the user will have to ‘escape out’ of the Guest record to enter a new Guest Details for the cloned booking. There is no longer any relationship between a cloned source and cloned booking once guest relationship has been escaped.

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