I'm unable to do an CRS update, the system hangs on an upload
Posted by Jesse Chieppa on 05 Jun 2009 10:33 AM

I'm unable to do an CRS update, the system hangs on an upload

When doing a full or availability update the system downloads from the CRS (new or edited bookings, for example) but hangs on the upload.

Solution 1) This is often a local permission issue with reading and writing files on your Mac or Windows PC. Delete the contents from your /BookingCenter/SiteID/Uploads folder and try again. For example, if your BookingCenter Site ID is 'MYSITE', then you will notice a folder in your / BookingCenter / folder called 'MYSITE'. Go inside this folder and you will see another folder "Uploads".

Delete all the contents in this folder by throwing them into your Trash or choosing 'Delete' (as you would any file on your Mac or Windows PC). Then, you will need to go to your Parameters, Internet Config and click the button 'Network Manager' to set your Network Manager computer again. Now, try again, as the files had been deleted, then re-written, and this solves many permissions errors that the Mac and Windows OS can manifest.

Solution 2) If you started seeing this error immediately after altering a rate, room, room type or season it's likely a missing or bad value. Check your email for admin errors and review the recently added/modified room/rate/season/room type for accuracy.
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