Some workstations cannot connect when using ODB
Posted by - NA - on 06 May 2009 02:08 PM

Some workstations cannot connect when using ODB

If only one ODB connection can be established to the same data file
or connecting workstations seem to be mutually exclusive (A can only connect when B is not connected or vice versa) then you may have a duplicate serial number on one of the machines.

BookingCenter is very specific about serial #s, and often users are simply using the SAME serial number in more than one computer, which will provide the warning “Too many workstations in use..” at times or error code 100, 101 or 102 when using ODB).

To find out which serial numbers are being used on each computer - and which one is duplicated - open BookingCenter and go to Parameters | Company Info | Register and there you can view the serial number installed or click 'serialize' and change one of them.
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