Online Bookings | Managing Rates and Availability to your Front Desk, Website, GDS and Global Booking Networks via MyPMS
Posted by Jeff Tweddale on 04 May 2009 01:37 PM

To manage rooms and rates to your Front Desk, GDS or Website from MyPMS, you have three choices.

1. Agent Allocations: Go to Setup | Relationships |Agent Relationships. Use the 'allocation' method to allocate your Room Types, at specific Rates, to each Agent. See Add Agent Allocations.

  • Room Type and Rate allocations can be customized to each agent, however there are three agents that MUST have all ROOM TYPES allocated.
  • These 3 Agents are: MyPMS (front desk users), BC (website), and WR (Global Booking Network). See below for details on how to manage each.
    • Agent MyPMS (The rooms and rates that your Front Desk users 'see' when using MyPMS):
    • Agent WR (The Global Booking Network) and stop sending all rooms, or send unique rates through distribution:
    • Agent BC is the channel that is distributing rooms to your Website Booking Engine.

Notice, this technique allocates these Rooms for ALL DATES, so proceed warily, as if you forget to turn it back on again, you may be removed from various travel sites when, in fact, you have rooms available. To learn more about using Agent Allocations, please visit

2. Hard Allocations: Use 'Hold bookings'. For this method, you book the rooms using an actual Booking or a Group Booking. The Group Booking 'Hard Allocation' is an easy way to 'hold rooms' back. Then, when you no longer wish to 'block' the room, you simply 'cancel' the 'hold' booking and it has no bearing on your occupancy or REVPAR analysis. Hard Allocations

3. Out of Order Rooms:  Another option is to use use Out of Order. Do this by navigating to Bookings --> Tape Chart. Click the actual 'Room' name on the left side of the Tape Chart and an option to 'Mark OOO' will appear. Choose a date to indicate the start and stop date that the room is expected to be out of order, as well as the reason. Once saved, the room will appear as 'out of order' on the tape chart. To change the dates of the out of order room, simply click one of the out of order boxes and adjust the start and/or stop dates from the pop-up box accordingly. Likewise, to remove the out of order status, click the Remove button from this pop-up. Making Rooms Out of Order

 See the following sections of the online manual to learn more on managing agent allocations to online channels:

 Room Type-Rate Plan Allocation Examples

 Agent Channels

 Agent Types

 Room Type and Rate Plan Allocations

 Add Room Type Allocation

 GDS and OTA Allocations

 Manage Availability and Rates

 Rate Loading

 Promo Codes

 Special Agents


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