Requiring CVV2 - Card ID - for an online booking, Pros and Cons
Posted by Jeff Tweddale on 31 Mar 2009 09:25 AM

Requiring CVV2 - Card ID - for an online booking, Pros and Cons

If you require CVV2 (set as required under Parameters | System Config) , it will require the CVV2 for all bookings and no card may saved without it. With this setting, the CVV2 MUST be present and it can not be an 'optional' field, as the credit card rules will not allow us to make it optional (ie, some card holders give it and some don't). Generally, if CVV2 codes (usually called a 'credit card ID') are rewarded by your Merchant Bank, then require it. If you have CVV2 , then visitors to your BookingCenter web booking screens will be required to place their CVV2 ("ID') code in to complete a booking with a credit card payment type.

You do NOT need to place any data in this field if your Merchant Bank does not require (or reward) the CVV2 number from a credit card transaction.

If you desire to actually TRANSACT the booking deposit online, you should consider purchasing the BookingCenter Point of Sale - this assures that no false credit cards can EVER be given to complete an online booking at your site.

If you wish to require the CVV2 to complete a booking, but NOT process via the POS Module, then BookingCenter will email a separate email to both the 'Company' and 'CC' email addresses with only the CVV2 and Booking ID in the email. Note that this may void your PCI Compliance with your merchant account provider and BookingCenter does not recommend capturing the CVV2 in this manner.

Here is what the 'CVV2 Email' looks like, if you wish to do this:

Email subject: Yellow Rose Inn (Test) Online Booking 21777353W

Email Body: CVV2 code is: 4866
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