Differences between Management Tool and Management Tool Pro
Posted by Jeff Tweddale on 11 Nov 2008 03:46 PM

Differences between Management Tool and Management Tool Pro

The differences between Management Tool and Management Tool Pro.

The basic Management Tool product is perfect for managing online sales (ie, a 'Booking Engine') and/or a GDS and Global Booking Network profile. But sometimes a property manager desires more power. The Management Tool Pro is for users who want many of the conveniences of a property management system, but don't wish for a full-blown system. The Pro product is especially helpful for rental management companies or agencies managing a large number of properties, each managed individually (per owner, in some cases) and concurrently. All the while allowing for consolidated availability and reporting via the Portal Admin area. The Management Tool Pro can be added to any Management Tool to enable the following features:

-> Letters
The Letters feature is a fully integrated text editor with data merge fields. It gives the user the ability to create, personalize, and customize multiple letters with ease. For a comprehensive look at how these Letters can be created and used, see:

-> Receipts and Adjustment
The ability to manage credits and debits is what this capability provides. Each booking can have receipts of unlimited types credited against a booking(s). In addition, the system will track refunds (debits) and adjustments against any booking. An audit trail of who makes each Receipt assignment or adjustment is saved per booking.

-> Reports
Reports allow a manager to find out activity that has been made in the system. These reports are a combination of Central Reservation and Property Management System reports. All Management Tool Pro reports can be saved and/or printed as .PDF, HTML (web page), Excel (.xls), and Text (.cvs).

Taken together, these features make the Management Tool Pro a ‘light weight’ property management system. See http://www.bookingcenter.com/products/management_tool_pro.html for a detailed overview of how each feature works.

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