Multi Room Booking Sequential Numbers and Guarantee By
Posted by Jeff Tweddale on 11 Oct 2008 09:23 PM

Multi Room Booking Sequential Numbers and Guarantee By

When a multi room booking occurs, through the GDS or a web site, the bookings are numbered numerically, such as 8GN6L7RKJ4J-1W (the first room booking), 8GN6L7RKJ4J-2W (the second room booking), 8GN6L7RKJ4J-3W (third room booking) and so forth. It is important to view the multiple bookings so you can ready a room for each. However, BookingCenter will have booked out the rooms, so you do not have to worry about an over sold situation.

Also, note that the Credit Card is always attached to the last booking. Thus, if there is a 8GN6L7RKJ4J-1W (the first room booking), a 8GN6L7RKJ4J-2W (the 2nd room booking), and a 8GN6L7RKJ4J-3W (third room booking) the 'receipt' is issued against the last booking in the amount equal to the entire deposit for all 3 rooms booked. Also, this last booking in the sequence is where the credit card would be stored, as the 'Guaranteed by'.

So, in the example here, the 8GN6L7RKJ4J-3W booking will have the deposit/receipt issued against it. This single 'Guarantee by' must then be allocated to the other 2 bookings manually, by staff.

This is because it's dangerous to assume a credit card for a booking that may not be intended for that booking at checkin. If the same credit card will be used for all 3 bookings, then the staff must manually copy that card to each booking in sequence. If the deposit amount must be apportioned to the 3 bookings, then the staff must also manually do this.

Whether using MyPMS, Desktop Property Management System, or the Channel Manager, BookingCenter will list all bookings that are part of a multi room booking together.

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