Desktop PMS | Pre-Authorization on a credit card
Posted by Jeff Tweddale on 25 Jun 2008 05:08 PM

Sometimes properties desire to take pre-authorizations on a credit card. There is currently no way to do this under Desktop Pro, except by logging into and using the 'Virtual Terminal ' inside AuthNet or calling your merchant account rep and getting a pre-authorization over teh phone.

However, most pre-authorizations last only for 3 days (BookingCenter cannot tell an exact number of days, as this is a policy of the card issuing bank). As such, there are times when that authorization will simply 'disappear' before a Guest arrives to be billed. . This is because it has expired.

If the client states the pre-authorization is still holding back funds, and you wish to get rid of it, then our recommendation is to have the client call their card issuer to remove the pre-authorization or you call your merchant processor and ask them to remove it. Only MyPMS (our web-based PMS) manages authorizations, the Desktop does not.

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