MyCard | Pre-Authorization on a credit card is not visible
Posted by Jeff Tweddale on 17 Jun 2008 03:11 PM

Sometimes properties take pre-authorizations on a credit card and the 'Credit Card Detail' screen will show the authorization number and amount authorized (not settled). However, most pre-authorizations last only for 3 days (BookingCenter cannot tell an exact number of days, as this is a policy of the card issuing bank). As such, there are times when that authorization will simply 'disappear' from the 'Credit Card Detail' screen. This is because it has expired.

If the client states the pre-authorization is still holding back funds, but you can not see it in MyPMS, then our recommendation is to have the client call their card issuer to remove the pre-authorization or you call your merchant processor and ask them to remove it.

Editing (increasing or decreasing) authorizations is only available for Visa cards, so if it's a Visa you can simply click MODIFY and enter .01 and auth a single penny to resolve the issue. All other cards need calls to the card issuing bank.

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