How to check Availability accuracy for online bookings?
Posted by Jason Mispagel on 03 Jun 2008 12:42 PM

How to check Availability accuracy for online bookings?

Matching availability between the Central Reservation Service (CRS) with what is marked as available/not available on your Property Management Systems (PMS) is easier if you login to the Members Area. You can deduce any questions about 'why is (or is not) this showing?'

Please log into your Members Area ( and choose the link titled 'Current Availability' and it will show what BookingCenter has in the CRS for each Room Type as available and not available. If you believe the CRS and PMS not in sycn, please do a Full Update, wait a few minutes, and look again at your 'Current Availability' to see that all is well. If this doesn't change the inconsistency, can you identify what date you are having the inconsistency and then submit a ticket with the specifics of your problem, attach your datafile to the ticket, with the summary of the error, please? We'll look into it.
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