ODB Server Can Not Be Found
Posted by Jeff Tweddale on 24 Apr 2008 01:48 PM

When BookingCenter Desktop gives the message "The ODB Connection could not be made." at start-up, it is usually due to the network being down or the ODB server has stopped running on the server.

  • If the network is down: Check to see if you can use the Network Neighborhood (Windows) or Connect to Server (Mac) to pull up the server (where the BookingCenter database is stored) and view it from the client. If you can not 'see' your server, ask your network administrator to help you get the network running again. BookingCenter Support can not help you with the situation until your network is functioning.
  • If the network is up (i.e. you can 'see' your server), here is what you do:
    • Open the ODB Admin Tool (in Program Files on the server under Windows and in the Applications folder for Mac OS X ).
    • Make sure you set the correct IP address in ODB ADMIN Tool. Do this by choosing ODB Administrative Preferences and the Options menu.
    • Cick the button Read IP and it will read the server’s IP address and set it for you.
    • After setting the IP address correctly on the server, place the cursor in the Actions menu, at top right of the screen, and choose Commit Changes and Restart ODB.
    • Close the ODB Manager Preferences window. You are now viewing the Omnis Databridge Administration window. Click Stop,and wait until message says "ODB Server is stopped'.
    • Click Start and verify that the ODB Server says "ODB Server is Running".

 Try again to connect to the server from BookingCenter. The error message has hopefully gone away.


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